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Default Rail Gun Untuk Kendaraan Darat

BAE Proposes Rail Guns for Army’s Future Fighting Vehicle
Published on October 23rd, 2014
Written by: Mike Hoffman

RailgunBAE Systems officials said an electromagnetic rail gun firing a kinetic energy warhead could be a real option for the Army’s next generation Future Fighting Vehicle, which the service hopes to replace the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

Following the cancellation of the Ground Combat Vehicle, Army officials said they want the defense industry to offer a wide range of technologies before the Army decides whether to pursue the Future Fighting Vehicle, or an additional Bradley upgrade.

BAE Systems presented a host of possible technologies at the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual conference last week. Among those was a model of the electromagnetic rail gun the company is developing for the Navy.

The rail gun, which can hit ranges of 100 miles or more, uses electricity stored on the ship to generate a high-speed electromagnetic pulse sufficient to propel a kinetic energy warhead. The result is an inexpensive, high-impact and long-range offensive weapon, service officials said.

The Navy, which has been testing the rail gun at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va., plans to integrate it aboard a ship by 2016, service officials said.

The 23-pound hyper-velocity projectile can be fired from a rail gun as well as from Navy 5-inch guns and even 155mm artillery weapons, Klunder added. The round currently has what’s called command guidance but may be engineered for self-guidance in the future.

BAE Systems officials said the rail gun would have to be scaled down if it were to be mounted on top of the turret of a Future Fighting Vehicle. However, the officials on the AUSA show floor were confident it was possible.

mBAe menawarkan pengembangan Rail Gun yg saat ini hanya digunakan di navy (masuk resmi 2016) untuk penggunaan di darat pada IFV masa depan, armored vehicle.

Kalo sampe bisa digunakan pd kendaraan darat 155mm sj, apakan mungkin era MBT bakal brakhir, krn tdk ada armor yg bakal sanggup menahan hantaman Rail Gun, shg kendaraan yg digunakan nantinya hanya lapis baja secukupnya yg penting bsa nahan pluru2 kaliber kecil dan ttp lincah...
Sementara konsep mbt masa depan, mjd kendaraan lapis baja ringan dg lapisan baja yg tipis, bersenjatakan rail gun, berukuran besar untuk mendukung daya yg dibutuhkan rail gun, namun ttp lincah dan bisa menembak scr akuratdr jarak yg sangat jauh, shg jg berperan sbg artileri, yg mungkin jg mengganyikan konsep artillery saat ini...

Satu platform, satu meriam rail gun, dg dual fungsi, tembakan langsung dan sbg artilery..... jd mungkinkah, konsep mbt/artillery/IFV masa depan=mbt/IFVskarang(ex.: Abram) + mobile artilery(ex. : paladin)??????
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