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Default Macam-macam Keunikan Burung Kenari

Canary (Serinus Canaria) By the first discovered French sailor Jean de Berthan cout in the Canary Islands in the 15th century. Impressed because of the fur and the sonority of his voice. Canary diversity present is the development of offspring called latin wild canary Serinus Canarius. The number of this type is the natural condition or because of cross breeding that occurred since the last five centuries.

Dutch State now known as Indonesia exporting country walnuts, walnut originally brought from England, Germany and Belgium then walnuts are mated with wild walnut and produces several types such as norwich, Scoth fancy, bolder fancy, fancy london, yorkshire, lanchaisire, gloser, and so on.

Name canaries are not associated with a walnut, but after the island on their natural habitat, the Canary Islands. Islands itself got its name from the Latin word meaning canarias (island) any dog​​, because of the many stray dogs that were there in ancient times.

Source: fakta unik burung kenari
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