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Default Download Suara Master Kenari Yorkshire Mp3

Fancy walnut seems to deserve the nickname given to the type of yorkshire (YS). Walnuts that have larger body size and robust than other types of walnut is also has a chirping sound quite interesting, and able to mimic the sound of other birds very well. No wonder if the canary yorkshire has now become a favorite choice for kenarimania worldwide.

Yorkshire canary is now more a place of its own, after BNR Foundation leadership Bang Boy started to introduce special classes Yorkhire in various race events songbird. The fans enthusiastically welcomed walnuts this new breakthrough.

YS that we know it is actually the result of cross-breeding (crossing) between a regular walnut and walnut like some kind of lancashire, norwich, and Belgium, with emphasis on the length of the body, vocal power, attitude, color, and quality of the feathers.

Fur color is not absolutely bright yellow like the picture above (walnut Dragon King), but there are also other variations such as pseudo-orange, or even orange:

Yorkshire canaries canary is one of the oldest types in the world, because it was first bred in the 1800s, and is currently the most widely kept canaries fans worldwide.

Compared to other varieties of walnuts, walnut YS length can reach 15-17 cm. YS also developed such that it has a broad chest with big shoulders and a narrow waist.

Establishment style upright and rigid. When viewed from the side, his body looks like a clock that shows 7:05 pm (if the position of the head on the right) or 16:55 (if the position of the head on the left).

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