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Default Burung Kenari untuk Perlombaan

Having a voice toned walnut, crystal, with a long track that reached at least 35 seconds, plus chirp varies, of a pride for the owner of the bird, the canary whether local or imported manifold. Powered mental well, the birds will always insist on when they hear the sound of the other canary equally gacor. This is the main capital that must be held before they are deployed to your canary or latber race arena.

There is rarely a good canary will have problems with her voice and character, so that it can degrade the performance in the race. Here we will discuss treatment walnuts for competition purposes, and how to overcome the problems that often occur in the walnut race.

Mental train canary

This stage is only for you who have not mentally stable walnuts. If you have had a good mental canary, please go directly to the Train walnuts so long silent.

Mental training for the race walnuts are very important, so that the birds are not easily ngedrop in the middle of the race, or less confident when they heard the sound of another walnuts that have sound hard, long and varied. Exercise can be done through several methods, all of which are intended to make walnut familiar with the situation and the new environmental conditions, accustomed to the sound of another walnut toned, and be familiar with the nature and character of walnuts or other birds.

Here are some ways to improve mental canary race:

For young birds, mental exercise can be done with walnut paste it on already established or have a good mental. The young bird is easily imitate. So, he will follow the character, style and sound of the Canaries are well established.
Often take bird walks into the arena of race or latber, although not participate in the contest (just to get used to the crowd atmosphere canary canaries and other sounds).
Hanging in different places. The goal is that the birds get used to the new location. Changes in the new place would normally make walnut to more quickly adapt to new environments, including in the arena (both got gantangan in the center and the periphery).
Make sure the bird is always fit. Birds that fit his physical condition is not only more resistant to disease, but also has a positive correlation to his mental state. Birds can drop a good mentality, when his physical condition is not / less fit, and it took a long time to return to the mental condition ideal.

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