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Default Mengenal Burung Kenari Yorkshire

Walnuts Yorkshire - The canary is one of the species of birds that are popular among bird lovers. Canaries have bright and beautiful colors. This is one reason why the canaries in demand by bird lovers.

In Indonesia there is a canary locally, but overseas there are also canaries that are excellent among other canaries are canaries yorkshire / Yorkshire Canary derived from English.

Yes now many enthusiasts begin to look canary canaries from the UK. In the next few months, that is the end of 2013 to early 2014, many canaries yorkshire to be imported into Indonesia.

The difficult part of this import yorkshire canary is the first time these birds come, due to differences in climate and food with the country of origin of these birds. you certainly have to pay attention to such as multivitamins, food, and protect these birds from pests such as worms, mosquitoes at night and the other

Walnuts Yorkshire Import Local flavor

Import canary yorkshire phenomenon that is the new land for the canary keepers. That is the import mengawin cross yorkshire canary male with female local walnuts. Children of cross-breeding is regarded as a local yorkshina walnut, because it has a dominant trait yorkshine male canary, though seen from the yorkshire canary blood were not 100% imported English walnut yorkshire.

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