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Default Bagaimana Cara Membuat Sangkar Burung Kenari?

Initially I became acquainted with the canaries in no mood to cultivate, Word got out that the cattle canary was easy, because the bird tame and resilient, not resistant to slam but resistant to all weather and noise. On the basis of the news I finally ventured to buy a female canary, before I've had a pretty good male canary and a bit different from the canaries in general, local walnuts but rather large and handsome.

Intention to livestock walnut realized, after purchasing two new female canary lay eggs but it was already broken because the cattle pen canary has not been prepared. several times to 4 times the spawn is still broken due to the walnuts did not want to lay their eggs in the nest has been provided, the question mark besare start clung to my mind. Grateful artisan walnut cattle that have succeeded him menyerankan that canary cage that I created with a size of 50cm x 50cm high x 1M turns love bird cage size, enough for a canary cage size of 50cm x 50cm to 50cm x alone

Why should be small, because the characters are not the focus of canary nest in a wide, knowing we all know that the canary is not wild birds, although the origin of the canary canaries but itukan first, now we never meet again canaries as wild birds in any country.

so the cattle sheds little canary with the aim must be to lay eggs in the nests focus already we make, choose a comfortable circumstances so as not to be disturbed if at any time later on when mating or brood. Because walnuts need a quiet place when incubating telunya.

That's how I have ever done, hopefully with the share like this can make us more vibrant and successful in getting dollars from livestock canary

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