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Default Rahasia Membuat Pakan Kenari Istimewa

To make a diligent canary reads (gacor), or maintain the condition gacor, many things can be done related to the treatment. Starting from bathing and drying, to feeding grains, vegetables, fruits, and extra fooding (EF) others. Recipe particular feed can make more gacor walnuts. Other recipes can make his voice clear / crystal. This time, Om chirping will share the recipe in order to feed more kenar gacor and / or voice becomes clear.

which all of these are in order to make a canary is still always in condition and stamina are very fit and thus a healthy canary will be easier and diligent chirp. Aside from the feeding and daily care, do not forget the extra vitamins to help them through the days with a fresh condition and can withstand the temperature or weather disturbances.

During this time, we often provide additional food such as boiled quail eggs are believed to make the walnut growing diligently reads. Egg yolks can indeed stimulate canary to sing.

But one thing to remember, walnuts also need a varied menu of food. In addition to that the birds do not get bored, as well as to enrich its nutritional completeness. The yolk is clearly nutritious menus, but more afdol if given another variation to cover some of the content is not owned by the feed material.

Because of this, some fans walnuts then give other variations such as fruits and green vegetables. It could also make your own concoction feed, as will be described in this article.

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