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Default Perawatan Kenari Saat Mabung

Tips on Caring for Birds moult Walnuts, Walnuts Mania Many are confused about what happened to her canary, suddenly jammed sound and a lot of loose fur, often less qualified knowledge becomes a major cause of failure of maintaining walnut, walnut is actually very easy perawatanya, especially if you are a true Mania walnuts surely you will try as much as possible to take care of your canary, especially with the often discussed problems with the club canary canaries, or follow a particular group, the problem here is that often complained about the walnut moult, before we know how to treat them, let us see it first on the characteristics of walnut moult, the following explanation.

* The characteristics Walnuts Experiencing moult
Most of walnut that moult would get jammed, aka lazy chirping, usually a loud chirping canary proficiency level is now even more silent, the characteristics are moult, sometimes by their owners these moments is used to reset the voice is by doing pemasteran.
Mbrodol wulu or loss of fur in terms of the Java language, canary feather moult will experience the turn, where the old feathers are shed and replaced by new hair growth, to moult need extra attention because this period walnut become increasingly vulnerable.
How to Take Care of Birds Canary moult
Full Krodong: Walnuts are moult better to place the location is relatively quiet and safe, because this sensitivity walnut moult need peace, because this process takes concentration mabungnya for walnuts so fast mabungnya time passed, if this is not done can be canaries moult will experience stress and vulnerable to disease
Give servings Vegetables and Fruits are a little much: because the moult canary requires the input of energy and nutrients more, therefore, also provide vitamin mixture into drinking water, because it influences the growth of new feathers.
Reduce Ration bath is: Walnuts are moult can you bathe once a week enough, drying every day with a duration of 30 minutes, no more because this moult walnut also need moisture. can you spray the cage to keep it moist
In addition to treatment and the characteristics of the above there are still things we need to know about mabungnya canary us, namely Factors The following factors are factors that affect the walnut moult:

Factors Affecting Walnuts moult
Factors Age: Walnuts young people will experience a longer process, whereas adult canaries can be mabungnya faster because've experienced it first
Natural Factors: Walnuts are moult could be due to extreme weather conditions occur which require walnuts to replace the fur.
Seasonal factors: usually this happens simultaneously, in a home breeder, walnuts moult simultaneously, could be because of time or perhaps also because of the plague.
Hormones Factor: When walnuts may desire to experience unstable hormone levels that walnuts into moult.
Special feed Walnuts moult

The treatment you can give to a special diet that is:
boiled eggs
fresh vegetables
Fresh fruits
* Average Time Walnuts moult

for a time ranging from 4-7 weeks, but some last longer due to congenital factors, for it gave good nutrition, if you want to overcome long moult walnuts please read: Factors walnuts long moult and how to overcome them

The positive impact of walnuts moult: can get the desired masteran
The negative impact of walnut moult: walnut prone diseases, jam sound and need extra care.

Thus Canary Bird Care Tips moult may be useful, KN greeting Mania archipelago.

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