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Default Perbedaan Kenari F1, F2, F3

As a breeder birds, we'll often hear the terms of the local walnuts, import, AF, F1, F2, and so forth. Some hobbyists are still confused with the term "F" here. The term "F" can roughly be described as "offspring". When the "F1" yes means "descendant of unity", when the "F2" yes means "second degree", as well as the next. But other other bottom locusts, so the proverb says, in other areas "F2" represents walnut with F1 F1 marriages. In Yogyakarta in particular "F2" means walnuts marriages F1 F1 with the type of breeding. For example, F1 females, male Yorkshire marriages with local females, with Yorkshire. In conclusion, I became too confused what is right, what is wrong. Finally, I was not focused on the term, but I focused on the quality of offspring. This, too, I think is still a mystery, descent or walnuts if that matches the type of race in this country. But some types of walnuts from crosses with local Yorkshire has proved his achievements. Are we going to stop here? I personally answer: Will Never? The last few months I think the need for blood or can be said to be kind or in the English language is called the strain.

If we marry F1 F1 males with females then we see there child is big and some small. This is because F1 is not Final Strain! I've written in this bulletin, how Americans are finding new types of walnuts they call the American Singer Canary, from crosses between Border and Harzer. This is the purpose of my writing! I invite breeders and walnuts mania here to create a new kind of matching in Indonesia. Surely the final strain, which when mated with the same sex will produce puppies that body balanced between each other. For example walnut Yorkshire, when mated with fellow Yorkshire Yorkshire that it will produce its body size has been determined.

In Indonesia race today demanded a beautiful song, loud volume, long breath support, charming and crafts style singing. Assessment is not my walnut-sized BIG, because experience tells us that a large bird is less diligent bernyanti. While less charming little birds seen and the papburi mania judge the volume lost with larger type. So that should be ideal walnut Indonesia is among walnut kind of small and large type. We know the kind of small split from colorbred canary (people call walnut holland, which makes me confused since birth in Indonesia aka natives but citizens holland and walnuts is their kind not only in Holland and who find it nor the Holland!), Waterslager, Harzer, Lizard, Gloster, Taiwan, Fusan (China). Large type can be said to consist of: Yorkshire, Crested, Lancashire, Norwich, Border, Scotch Fancy, Belgi Bossu. In addition there is a kind of reverse Frill or fur and its variants include: Parisian Frill, Alloy Crested Frill, Fiorino, North / South Dutch Frill. And the types of walnuts are rare or unknown to our society as Münchener, Japan Hoso and others. From the picture the types of walnuts on top, it can be the words that are kind of small to be crossed with large type, we can read what type crossed, take advantage of this to cover this weakness, and others. Which became confused at the moment is kind of what to crossed? Surely this will be answered by experimentation, trial and error technique should be done because Would not err is human.

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