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In their natural habitat, all kinds of birds chirping including canary will learn to hear the song vocal parent, also other types of bird sounds. This process will start from the age of the bird piyikan (located in the nest), and ends after walnuts start up and find a mate to breed. In birds reared, trained young walnut / puppies can be done by rotating the sound masteran on their long duration.

Canary has the ability to be a talented impersonator. They can modify the songs of their own species with songs that were "borrowed" from other types of birds.

There is little canary breeder who used the time when the canary still seedlings, with train and play a variety of sounds, including the sounds of other canaries have a long and undulating rhythm, or use the chirp of birds such as the nightingale who has terrible sound.

walnut saplings
Walnut seedling / young faster studying trained her voice than adult canaries

Walnuts are raised in this way will result in a very beautiful song, varied, and unique in rhythm.

In the writings of the foregoing, memaster birds can begin early in piyikan or chicks, because that's when the brain is easier to digest bird noises listens, then diolahnya through the learning phase reads that we are familiar with the term ngeriwik.

After studying the songs are heard, then as an adult bird will combine these sounds to the original sound, so that it becomes more beautiful chirping sound, varied, and has power.

If you do not have time to train walnut seedling / young, solutions can do is play some sound recordings of birds that have special rhythms that can make walnuts have pretty good sound character as an adult.

To assist you in walnut or walnut memaster young saplings, following some sound recordings of various types of canaries with a long duration, about 15-20 minutes. With a long enough time, the duration of pemasteran can be done within three times, in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

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