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Default Keunggulan dan Kekurangan Kenari AF

Walnuts AF Super is the name of the type canaries that has lineage of walnut Yorkshire. As we know, the kind of walnut walnut Yorkshire highly qualified import because it has a bigger body posture and a beautiful coat color and quality. Canary AF can be divided into five categories, namely F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5. The greater numerical follow the letter F, then the greater the similarity of properties that will be inherited from the original Yorkshire canary.

Letter F on walnuts AF Super, which stands for filial which means puppies. The greater the number filial, it will be the super also the nature of this Yorkshire puppies. The so-called Yorkshire F1 was canary chicks that are derived from the male and female local native Yorkshire. These puppies will inherit a genetic trait which is 50% similar to the original Yorkshire canary. While in Yorkshire canary F2, is a type of canary that is the result of a marriage between the original and puppies Yorkshire canary F1 with genetic heritage that 75% similar.

Puppies puppies F3 is the marriage of native Yorkshire and puppies F2, which inherit up to 80% similarity. Up in Yorkshire F5, walnut saplings will have a genetic trait that is 99% similar to the original Yorkshire, ranging from the size, posture, until the chirp sound produced. Canary of this kind belong to the category of walnuts AF Super.

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