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Default Cara tepat Masteran Burung Kenari

Good afternoon my friend chirping birds have not met, you are healthy? Oiya, whether you are a canary holic? How much and what kind of canary anything you perlihara? Talking about maintaining a canary, many birds chirping article that talks about it. Well if you are a maniac walnuts sure you already know about mastering walnuts. But if there are birds chirping among buddies who still do not understand in this article we try to discuss it. Let's look at his review.

Mastering walnut is an activity to train a canary in a way to explore the sounds of birds and combine it with the sound we wanted. So, a canary that we will be singing master mimic other birds. Actually this canary mastering developed in Indonesia and other countries are not doing this activity. The method is also varied, from using tapes until brought closer to the birds who want dimaster. So the market many terms walnut stuffing Sanger, ciblek, kacer and others.

The enthusiasm of the lovers canary in the contest also affect the mastering phenomenon walnuts. The amount of collaboration and sharing knowledge about walnuts between incumbents and new players to change the paradigm that the contest is walnut walnut masteran. They believe that mastering walnuts intends to fix the other birds that chirp more beautiful when sung by a canary. Especially if you look at the figure of a cross walnuts f1 in a contest for sure a lot of ordinary people who are interested. The result of a cross between a walnut imported bongsor posture combined with local walnut distinctive song that attract the attention of visitors to witness it.

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