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Default Download Kicau Kenari Holland

The main advantage of this bird is to have an above-average sound standard normally. Sound characteristics holland canary thick, hard, and has a twisted sound flowing and repetitive. In addition, it also has a variant sounds different. Therefore, it is seeded in each the race.

At present itself to get the kind of canary is quite easy. You can find in some areas at the center of the bird hobbyist or you can also look through online. There are quite a lot of sellers who sell holand canary in the online store.

For the price also varies, depending on the quality of the bird itself. Commonly priced price ranges from 500 thousand to tens of millions if the bird has won the race. Indeed, if a bird has won the race, then the price could go up skyrocketed.

Although today you can buy a canary Holland easily, but you should be careful. Because now there are many persons who acted fraudulently by selling fake walnut Holland. This is because this bird is quite difficult to distinguish. Moreover, the first in 1999 there were monetary crisis which makes many local farmers to menernakkan canary this type. Especially in the area of Malang, East Java that farm walnuts Holland. Usually canaries canary is called Malang.

To avoid this, be alert before you buy a bird. Because this kind of bird is usually quite difficult to distinguish from bird types circulating Malang in Indonesia. Well, to deal with them can use several ways. You can buy at the store that you are reliable, or you can invite your friends know about the bird better than you. This is to minimize the loss of purchase.

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