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Default Salah Satu Sebab Kenari Berhenti Gacor

Actually I wanted to write an article about the issues that canaries do not want to sing. Incidentally there is a long article written by Ginger Wolnik (1997) which has been revised in 2001, which also discusses this issue. So, we combine only the materials I have and thought Wolnik, in the following article.

canarySalah one thing that can be frustrating is the canary who does not want to sing. If you have recently bought a walnut, then the bird takes about two weeks or more to adapt to the cage or new neighborhood, although there is also a direct twitter the next day.

In order not to be disappointed, you should buy a canary males aged 6 months or more, but not until 3 years old. Place in a large cage, and then hung on higher ground.

Bacaartikel versi indonesia: penyebab kenari jarang berkicau
Budidaya Kenari
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