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Default Burung Kenari Merah

Gambar Kenari Merah - This time we will provide you with some information on how livestock canary. As you know canary is a bird chirp that demand a lot of people, especially fans of the birds chirp. Not infrequently canary often included in the race.

Livestock Birds Red Walnuts

First we will discuss about livestock red canaries. Previously you had to know how to differentiate between the original red canary with a fake. Considering the price of red canaries high enough no wonder there are unscrupulous sellers who make the naughty red canary Abal Abal using chemicals or other coloring agents so that the canary bird has a red color.

Cultivation red canaries

To distinguish you can check part stalk fur or certain parts like beak and feet. If the red is too sharp and tend to fade the red color comes from the liquid dye. The second easiest way usually red canaries original sold by wearing the ring as proof of identity of the breeder so try to buy it directly from the breeder or seller bird reliable. In the cultivation of red canaries you should pay attention to the type of feed used for the livestock red canaries main target is to get a clear red color. For that you can provide food that contains beta carotene that stimulate red pigment in canary feathers. Tomatoes, squash, carrots, broccoli and cherry is a type of fruit and vegetables containing beta-carotene.
Budidaya Kenari
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