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Default Cara Menjodohkan Burung Kenari

Starting from banyakya visitors who asked about the pairing mode Walnuts then I tried to meet the demands of the post beside me also in the stage of exploration of the canaries because they want to be a canary breeder also heheehe.
Actually I already get some tips and tricks to match the walnut, but from some of my short again in two ways.
The first way:
Tips mated males Bird Walnuts, when we bought our Canary Bird Stud will surely seek Stud Bird Walnuts are already guaranteed the farmer is the production or term assurance canary males can fertilize the contents or the female canaries that will lay eggs and hatch chicks canary later. If for breeding may we not understand the experience of how to set up a stud canaries that can later be used in the long run both in terms of age or in terms of the canary bird care, and also how that males may have a mental Birds Canaries to mate.
When we have the beginning of piyikan stud either the purchase or from their own cattle that will be used as a male canary to learn from their own offspring then we can take away from the puppies or buy from breeders who already has a name that is guaranteed, if of age piyik say of age 1 month we have to take care of prior to the Canaries is gacor sound and also must have mulau attack while at the outboard with female canaries or dare compete with the sound of the other canary bird Stud, for canary bird sounds gacor Males usually around the age of 8 months standard but there is also a new age of 5 months already due to the character of the sound gacor canary when finding a new age of 5 months gacor dah, just a short story that is not too cumbersome to buy a canary that will be used as a stud must first gacor and already dare to attack or chase while in outboard with female canaries, as the course record for the canaries that have gacor and attack when affixed with females not necessarily when mixed with the females ready the male canaries want to marry because it is still early stages of learning to mate even sometimes there also male canaries when mixed with female canaries cuman are under fear of being attacked at the female canaries.
For Early Stage
If it sounds gacor and already attacked when affixed then mixed canary males are still afraid to use a mixed system used to lay out the female canaries because in this stage stud takes to mate with females that had been seen dating drying one day and make it a habit the outboard with other males who also has gacor or even that has been attacking the character of the bird will chase the female for mating ask, if already very estrus females will sometimes directly ngeter or ready position in mating and males will immediately fly to the top of the back of the female for penetration heheheheheee
phase Two
The early stages of the learning for young males who are still afraid to make a marriage, if 1 to 3 times the young stud that will have the mental and would tend to sound when separated by a female, after that there is the current mental process and so enter the next breeding males and outboard with other males will attack the female canaries and will occur even marriage marriage can occur up to 5 times the conception that had had enough and occur marriage jabut back stud canaries and usually after revoked the young male canaries tend to sound continues
Above is one of the tricks used by farmers to increase production canary breeding canaries but it's good to have some stud to backup and also to gacoran so that when the mating process faster.

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