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Default Ciri Kenari Bakalan yang Bagus

Characteristic feature walnut going great
1. Choose only walnuts going (not voiced, age one month / two months) among many options walnut display (for example in the market) that looks open beak and visible movements in most long neck (compare with one another) .
2. Select the relatively longest neck in the walnut group of the same type (compare with one another).
3. Choose the relatively long body and a big head.
4.Warna less significant for the good associated with whether or not, the length, the sound of walnuts. Just in terms of the mental, and the green color or yellow (bond) mostly (but also untested really) good mentality.
walnut F1 is meant first descent in the cross breeding of different types.
walnut blacktrout indeed include walnut family, but in general / layman known as "not a canary", and therefore that in the race included in the mixed class of imports (although actually been bred extensively in Indonesia).
Fusan walnut is one of the walnut family.
walnut Blacken: Results of crosses blacktrouth with walnuts (blacktrouth male - female canaries).

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