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Default Burung Kenari Black Red

Theoretically red walnut divided into 3. Historically keberada'anya
1.) The original red Walnuts without engineering. Namely canary who gained from the results of cross Redsiskin x canary yellow. And the resulting black red and mated again with canary yellow again and produce Redfaktor that there are still spots / black spots that are still strong from his father redsiskin genes and to get a plain red walnut with intensive red name was produced from crosses to 4 and 5 to then do not be surprised if the results of this farmed until skarang still dominate the market because the red walnut process takes 4-6.thn rata2 priced 1.5 to 3.jt although basically no red color on the flag just as red as blood ato Homeland dikarnakan possible from the red blend redsiskin and warnakuning walnuts then produce sbenarnya color is red flame orange ato just as coal.
2.) artificial red / red resultant of feeding with red pigment of red in the canary is very red and red benar2 and many also in the market which are classified into Collor breed is not the purpose to defraud ato display a pulasi memani but its true purpose and instead seek satisfaction there is competition out there that most flattering colors and unique sbagai winner but because the lack of understanding and knowledge of our people who are interested in buying because its color when moult he reap disappointed because the color faded. Sbenarnya can be maintained with providing care and feeding just as the original.
3.) The Common red Walnuts in the market which started from orange until sankis it is also entered in the red walnut but somehow derivative of Redsiskin illuminating keberapa dah very much and this is the canary who often polemical because sometimes when moult which faded but sometimes there is no also that even so smakin concentrated so well with the results anakanya sometimes some color black but there is also a color faded so breeders often split with the term kw 1, 2, 3, and so on.

Baca selengkapnya kenari black red
Budidaya Kenari
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