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Default Keistimewaan Burung Kenari Rusia

Walnuts Russia (Russian Canary) Indeed Specialties - Buddy kicaukan, there is one type of walnut that has not been widely known to the public, even by a chirping bird lovers. Walnuts Russia (Russian Canary) is one type of walnut that has several features that have not been widely known. Russian canary was developed approximately 300 years ago by the canary breeders in Germany, precisely Tyrol. Walnuts are then brought to Russia to breed. This article will specifically address of walnuts russia (russian canary) is special. Read this article to the end.

Walnut Russia is able to imitate the sounds of flute, piano, bells, or other kinds of musical instruments. It is one of several features walnut russia which unfortunately is not known and in demand by the walnut mania. Currently Russian canary has spread across several continents, such as Europe, America, and some countries in Asia. Along with the progress of time, then the current Russian canary birds have dimaster with several masters so that the booms more varied and beautiful.


Walnuts russia (russian canary) is special. And evidence of its merits are as follows:
Have 10-15 songs (chirp) high pitched and can be sung in just 45-60 seconds.
Have several compositions (chirp) which consists of a combination of various rhythms. For example, forest birds, birds of the river, so that the sound of chirping canary russian sounds more natural / natural. Unlike waterslager walnut or walnut roller should be trained first to have the chirp.
The ability to memorize a song (masteran) very nice. You could say the Russian walnut has a strong memory (including smart walnut).
Russian walnut has a very nice larynx and trained. larynx is a larynx is the voice box which is located at the junction of the oral cavity and trachea. Therefore russian walnuts can imitate the sound of a varied and lengthy songs.
Russian canary males and females can be distinguished (dimorphic). Russian canary male traits are on the face is orange. While Russian female canary in the pale face.

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