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Default Burung Kenari F1

Before talking about the characteristics of walnut F1, it might be worthwhile to understand in advance what F1 means that we often hear from mouth to mouth. F1 stands for "fillial" which means offspring. So for brevity, a descendant of the F1 = 1, F2 = descent into-2 and so on. For the case of F1 in the Canaries, this problem is actually quite biased in the community. However, it is very common and it seems hard to change that understanding.

Ok, go to the discussion of the characteristics of walnut F1. If you want to identify the characteristics of walnut F1, it helps you make sure the first canary type what you want to look for his F1. As we know, walnut has a considerable variety. For example Yorkshire Canary, Russian Canary, Canary Waterslager, Lizard Canary ff. The results from the marriage of each type are walnut F1. And to know the characteristics of each type of walnut F1 is, of course we have to refer to each type. And of course, between walnuts and the other one in the same can not be averaged away.

Unfortunately, understanding has grown in society has indeed been biased. Almost all hobbyists agrees that walnuts F1 is the result of mating a male canary imports with local walnuts female, no matter what kind of walnut imported.

Therefore, if you are among those who want to know more about the characteristics of walnut F1, you can not necessarily equate characteristics F1 Yorkshire with Gloster canaries and vice versa.

Feature walnut F1 female Yorkshire vs. local, usually have a fairly large body. Gloster canaries Feature F1 females vs. local, usually has a body that is slightly rounded. For the types of walnuts others, please refer to the main characteristics of each type.

Finally, apologize if this article is less able to satisfy your curiosity. To be sure, walnuts characteristic F1 can not be generalized. Respectfully.

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