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didesain dengan mengikuti dasar negara ini dengan bentuk "khas" indonesia menara ini akan menjadi landmark yang "tidak bernilai"

With a combined site area measuring 50,674.0 square meters, and an allowable development area of 391,435 square meters, the
111-story development will include:

An Observatory,
A 300-key, 6-Star Luxury Hotel,
International Class A Office Space,
A Conference Center and Banquet Facilities, and
A Luxury Retail Mall.

Signature Tower Jakarta is organized by situating the Observatory and Hotel spaces on the highest floors, supported by the office floors and resting on the conference and retail podium levels.

This organization and structural arrangement has been successfully tested and repeated in some of the world’s tallest and notable super-high rise towers, such as the ICC Tower in Hong Kong and the Shanghai World Financial Center.

Site Planning for the Signature Tower development places the iconic tower in the center of the SCBD, between the existing Pacific Place Jakarta mixed-use development and the proposed 8 story retail / convention / restaurant podium.

The Signature Tower retail development is planned to have covered, direct pedestrian connections to the existing adjacent developments above ground and below ground, including an elevated pedestrian connector between the existing Pacific Place Jakarta and below grade connectors between Lots 5, 9, 10 and 22.

The design objectives for the development include providing an integrated, distinctive and symbolic world-class environment that is economically viable to construct, operate and maintain. An environment that is safe, secure, and ecologically responsible, and one that establishes a new style for Indonesian Architecture for the new millennium.


Initial studies addressed a multiple of different approaches – each celebrating Indonesian culture and hope for the future. Of particular note were the “Garuda”, “Torch”, “Unity”, “Banyan Tree” and “Kris” schemes:

“Garuda” which through the use of proportions and aesthetics of the iconic skyscrapers of the early 20th Century , defined an architecture that lifts the building elements to the sky; mindful of the traditional Indonesian architecture and symbols that evoked a ‘rising up’ to the heavens, we looked to combine the basic elements of these symbols to create a tower that rises above the city, like the Garuda, spreading its wings over Indonesia in the new millennium.

“Torch”, which symbolically incorporated Pancasila, the five principles as illustrated in the national crest, through the use of four elements surrounding a central star, a star that transitions into a beacon of light that binds together the tower elements and rises up to illuminate the five principals over the nation’s capital.

“Unity”, illustrated in the links of the chain in the national crest symbolic of the solidarity of the multi-cultural society that is the bedrock of modern Indonesia, celebrates a society rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty, which comes together as one, supporting each other to move together hand in hand.

“Banyan Tree” symbolized an emblem of strength gained from the roots, rising upward, together in a pure, elegant and simple method to create a structural framework to support the dreams and visions of a strong and young nation.

“Kris”, a traditional and ceremonial symbol of Indonesian culture, married with the organic elements found in nature and traditional architecture, the symbolism and form of the tower comes together as if it were a sharp new sprout for the new millennium.

In completing the study of these different ideas, it was determined to proceed with a scheme that incorporated classic proportions with organic and natural elements symbolizing one great nation rising together to move into the new millennium

National Spirit

Signature Tower Jakarta celebrates the Indonesian spirit through the reinforcement of the date of the National Day of Independence,
17 August 1945, viewed on each fašade of the tower. Visible during the day through the use of highly polished stainless-steel, 17 leaves
grow and blossom upward through the shaft of the tower.

At the crown, these 17 leaves are bound together by 8 louver grill elements, culminating to embrace a single 45 meter tall
spire: the 17th day of the 8th month in the 45th year.Central to the four building elevations of the crown, these elements
in turn are supported by 5 crystalline glass buds – accentuating the five principals of Pancasila – rising to support a single
central spire – the united Indonesian people. Hence the budding flower (Pancasila) spreading from all corners of the tower,
spreading to all corners of Indonesia.

In the evening on national holidays, we envision the 17 leaves would be outlined with white LED lights, the supporting 8 louver
grills up-lit in red light, the center glass buds back-lit in white light, and central spire illuminated with 45 red and white LED
bands. During non-holidays, the lighting would be able to be changed to suit the particular occasion.


The 111-story tower rises 638m above the ground plane to the top of the spire. The highest floor sits approximately 534.45m above the street entry. While a simple 60m by 60m square form dominates the planning of the tower, achieving an elegant aspect ratio of approximately 9:1, the tower facade steps to accentuate the different uses within the complex; i.e.: retail and convention at the base, office use through the shaft, and hotel use at the crown.

The regular form of the tower, with notched corners, provides a straight forward and efficient planning platform for tenants to utilize, including an average 13.5m clear depth from the core wall to the exterior curtain wall and opportunities for multiple corner offices on each level.

The structural approach utilizes a super-column and out-rigger arrangement, surrounding an inner core wall. It is anticipated the structural system will be based on composite steel and concrete.


Separate monumental lobbies, in scale with the overall tower development, welcome Hotel Guests and Office Tenants at Ground Level. An exclusive banking hall fronts the main access to the office tower lifts, as well as act as a gateway into the retail portion of the podium. Access to the Observatory is via an experiential queuing and ticketing space at the Lower Ground Level.

Allowing it to operate at times when the retail mall is closed, segregated access is provided to an entertainment / restaurant area that is located on the roof of the podium, above the 5,000 square meter Function Space. An independent entrance allows guests to arrive at the Conference Center via dedicated lifts or escalators that travel within the perimeter of the podium glass wall, separated from the retail mall customers.

Exclusive retail space is organized around a larger, 4-story atrium, with expansion planning incorporated to accommodate future development of Lot 8.

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