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Default Burung Kenari Gloster

Gloster can enter the right choice for the beginner category lover walnut imports, because in addition to agile, durability tubuhnyapun stronger than a large walnut walnuts sort of Yorkshire. In the matter of an average pengembanganpun this type can provide a good offspring. 2008/2009 year is some kind of Gloster that comes berpostur almost perfect as the region of origin, which is the body feathers spread glance round like a ball semicircle, unlike in previous years many long postur2 far from ideal shape. For those who observe the booms are very choppy with his trademark lekukan2 make this bird made many masters, even at the beginning came a few keepers had recorded his voice to just teach later when under the influence of other walnuts voice can be changed. As the identity of this little bird displays many funny physical characteristics with varying color (unfortunately that comes rarely bright colors). At the time of my observations of birds bred in these pairs have good instincts, although it may also in mating crosses with other types. This bird has two versions, which have crested known as Gloster Corona and kind without crested known by Gloster Consort. In pairs usually breeders combine these two versions of the various considerations include genetic factors and the balance in reproducing. Physical characteristics of this kind is the ideal short, fat and about 11 to 11.5 cm in length, although crestednya as agile character eye mask, the type of corona has a symmetrical crest round and flat spread and the edges of his eyes as if Gloster Corona When bred this type easier when considered the quality of food, lighting, environmental safeguards, and the influence of the state. Developing Gloster canaries no different to breed canaries colorbreds or other variations, although in the area of origin of this type of production around December to April, but with the speed of this type of climate makes it able to produce tailor all the time Gloster will usually look healthy and agile if placed in the environment good and with enough food diet. Avoid a wet environment, cold, and a lot of wind. One problem that sometimes arises is puffy fur. and tangled or even just replace the loss despite feathers, these problems may be better observed considering this type are usually always agile and stable movements One more, this type of smart classified in chanting the song, so if required to maintain the original sound strains advised not to merge with walnuts another unexpected song.

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