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Default Burung Kenari Lizard

Kicaukan buddy, do you know about walnuts lizard (lizard canary)? Of course you've heard or even know about the ins and outs and origin if you are a true lover of birds chirping. Yes, walnuts lizard (lizard canary) is a walnut that has a coat color resembles a lizard scales. The dominant color in the lizard canaries are yellow and white.

Canary lizard is one of the oldest and walnuts into the varieties of colors (color bred canary) because it is more prominent in the lizard canary feathers unique color, not the posture or voice. Lizard canaries were first developed in the 1700s in France. But in the 1900s walnut lizard endangered due to world war and the spread of disease. Then in the 1940s walnut lizards re-developed to save the population, the culprit is the association of English walnuts lizard highway (Lizard Canary Association).

Physically, walnuts mempuyai lizard length of about 14 cm and fur color is very unique because it resembles a lizard scales. This canary named Lizard for signs wonderful - crescent-shaped black spots running down the back and chest, which resembles a lizard scales. The visual effect is known as "spangling". Lizard canary there are several types, because there are different colors on the head. There are hat / cup above his head, tetappi some are not. Lizard cup walnuts (the hat) the point is there is a single circular pattern of fur on top of the head, although not all lizards cup walnuts have the same circular shape. To popularity, walnuts lizard pretty much in demand by the chirping bird lovers, especially walnuts.

There are several types of walnut lizards that you should know. Here are some of the types of walnuts lizards by color:
red lizard
blue lizard
gold lizard
silver lizard

If you want to see more clearly the difference canary lizard by color, here is a photo of some kind of lizard canaries by color:

Baca versi indonesia: kenari lizard
Budidaya Kenari
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