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Default Mengatasi Kegemukan Pada Burung Kenari

Obesity in canary is a problem commonly experienced by kicaumania. Actually, to overcome this problem is not so difficult, but somehow there are still many who do not understand that kicaumania birds get care actually even become jammed sound (sound lazy) during the moult. Read also surefire tips canary care moult.

The cause of obesity is the result of an error canary care during the moult. This usually occurs because the Canaries too much (excessive) received food grains, eggs, as well as the lack of drying, resulting in a pile of fat on his body. The accumulated fat lazy effect on male canaries (especially) so that the birds become lazy sound and if it is experienced by the female canary birds will not want to spawn.

To overcome this obesity walnuts, then that needs to provide vegetables and fruits therapy to reduce the effect of excess EF eggs. For more details, please see the following tips.

Tips to tackle obesity in the Canaries:

Place the walnuts in a large cage and elongated, so that the birds can move freely so that a more active birds fly and this will help to burn fat faster. And make sure in the cage already there tangkringan least 2 pieces.

Stop feeding grains, EF Egg food / egg.

Give feed vegetables and fruits in large numbers (adjust with the birds) the goal of keeping canaries get enough nutrients to burn fat. But to feed in the form of an apple, the skin must be removed first, as it will give adverse effects when consumed by a canary in a given period of time.

For drinking water, good ditambahka with bird vitamins to maintain his stamina. Or it could also mix water with 1 teaspoon of pure honey as a natural energy source.

In order to be smooth digestion canaries, provide Grit in a bird cage. It also can prevent the bird is having problems, defecation lime. Read also birds chirp care tips that experienced defecation lime.

Feeding vegetables by putting vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, etc.) on the left side tangkringan 1 and place the fruit on the side tangkringan 2 (right).

Furthermore Grit place on the right side tangkringan 1 and drinking tube on the left side tangkringan 2

Place Grit on the right side and drink tangkringan to 1 on the left side tangkringan to 2, the goal for the birds remain motionless while eating and drinking and taking Grit. So it helps to burn fat faster.

Thus canary obesity treatment, based on the experience of my friend kicaumania this therapy will result in approximately 7-10 days (if done regularly). And when the birds have started singing back then giving EF grains and eggs can be done with a little dose, to get back to normal posture.

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