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Default Cara Merawat Burung Kenari yang Sakit

How to take care when sick canary canary talking about me going a little mengulaskan some how to care for an ailing walnut, walnut is inclusive of several intelligent birds like parrots and others but some similarities canary with other burug is if the bird is sick tend to hide the pain and this is the normal thing for animals and this is called the cycle of self-defense, by hiding the disease being experienced birds or other animals could be spared from the target prey of predators because predators prefer if candidates are prey animals or birds are not in a state which is fit for the canary hide the pain that want to look healthy so do not be a predator in front of the target bird food.

Therefore, if you maintain walnuts and walnut when you're sick then required to know is your own because if you are too late to know and care for the sick canaries then there would be fatal because if it is severe illness and you do not know or take care of then you could be dead canary. by karen here that I would write some characteristic traits that are sick canary include:
canary feathers slight change in the color dull and shabby
fur around the neck looks motion motion (like goose bumps)
often seen as drowsiness (sometimes close my eyes and stumble)
and if the note is a bird more silent and passive
If you find such a characteristic feature of the canaries you then as soon as you perform actions that are sick canary care is by way of:

providing extra feed and spoil her like a baby if you are reluctant to eat walnuts then please do not hesitate reluctant to feed the baby porridge like a baby, and provide favorite foods such as walnuts poached quail egg, mustard seeds and fruits such as red apples and others
give drink to the water boiled water that has you cook or provide mineral water that you can mix with certain medications or vitamins to increase the body's resistance to disease walnuts
about warm walnut provide additional light when the rainy season has arrived or at night (try) to keep dikrodong because otherwise it would be more frequent canary woke up with a bright state
and the latter is given a sense of tranquility and comfort, perhaps you sick canary because of stress and feel threatened, so you need to ensure that the environment is safe and walnuts your stay comfortable as the canaries you
Thus Caring for sick canary when I can write to you and may be useful.

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