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Default Jenis Kenari Frill

Paris walnut known as social birds and can be kept in a cage colony or mixed with various other birds in a cage. But avoid mixing walnuts with parrots such as parakeets, lovebird, or serindit. Because parrots tend to be aggressive towards other birds.

The male canary paris paris walnuts should be separated from other males. That is, should not be kept in one cage, because it can lead to misunderstandings due to fighting over territory.

Walnuts Parisian Frill
Parisian canary frill

In Indonesia, walnuts paris are not too popular, especially when compared with other imports such as walnuts walnuts russia, waterslager, border, lizard, and so on.

Perhaps this is due to lack of consumer demand, so that the importer was not much to bring.

Problem chirp, actually not much different from other types of walnut. However, that is not curious about the appearance and sound of chirping canary Paris / Parisian frill, please watch the following video:

Versi indonesia: kenari frill
Budidaya Kenari
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