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Default Pengertian Burung Kenari F1

As for the type of spanish timbrado (ST) locally, he uses a stud Little Bulldozer. Products produced diverse, ranging from F1, F2, AF, ST local, up to fife fancy.

Om sounda deliberately using stud breed champion, because customers had been dominated by players. They usually buy since they tillers, then dimaster according to individual taste.

There have been many products are famous in the field. "In addition to the genetic quality is good, all of it is also due to the consistency of treatment of the respective owners of the birds," said Om sounda modestly.

If the male parent is dominated canary breeds YS champion, the female parent is in the breeding more varied. In addition to the female parent YS, there is also ST, fife fancy, and so on.

All the females were placed in a special breeding cages, and mated in turns. "So, the mother was not married at once, but alternately. For us it is oriented to seedling quality, not quantity, "said Om sounda.

For example, for a certain period, he scored only with the setting up of F1 females and males YS AF. After that, the next period, he scored F2, or ST, or other types. In this way, he's easier to select it. "Chicks three months already broken voice," he said.

Because marriage is done in shifts, product child is relatively limited. Whereas demand from customers Warehouse Walnuts fairly high. In captivity walnuts, Om sounda collaborate with colleagues: Heru and Andri Moelana.

Baca versi Indonesia: ciri-ciri kenari F1
Budidaya Kenari
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