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Default Gambar Burung Kenari

How to treat walnuts yorkshire / yokser may be quite difficult for beginners because the original habitat of these birds is not in Indonesia. Judging from the name alone discovered that these birds are coming from outside that is yorkshire, but after arriving in Indonesia name spoofed into yokser. To adapt to the tropical environment, the canary is trickier special care so that the beauty and health is maintained.

How to feed yokser
The canary is necessary trained to eat foods derived from tropical plants such as vegetables, grains, and fruits. Basically, all that can be given to yorkshire but need to be trained first. In the beginning when buying, ask also food for these birds who are already familiar with the system pencernaanya that imported feed. In the first weeks is given gradually imported feed mixed with the local feed. At first multiply the import of feed mixture is then reduced gradually so that the composition of the mixture into the portion of local feed the most. Once familiar then you can totally eliminate the import feed. Give also a complete grain to meet a balanced and complete nutrition. Buy bit expensive not anything important bird yokser you stay healthy. Give multivitamins, especially at the beginning of adaptation because it can greatly harm the health yokser.

How to train adaptation to the environment
Yorkshire birds can not adapt directly to the tropical environment. As well as how to feed, do the adaptation process slowly. Do not just hang the bird to direct sunlight for a long time. Let stand in the house yorkshire wrote for several days to get used to. Once in a sense ready, basking in the morning for 10 minutes. Remember to do it gradually. After that you can leave them for 20 minutes, 30 minutes and so on. Try when drying is not exposed to the wind is quite strong. Put in an area that is relatively low wind speeds.

Do not spray directly to bathe, give only water in the container. Let the bird's own splashing water that has been provided. Then when night gave kerodong to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, but do not wear thick kerodong because it will increase the temperature inside. It is not preferable yokser canaries.

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