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Default Suara Burung Kenari Lizard

You know, the old walnut varieties in the world? Most kenarimania already know, namely walnut lizard which was introduced in Europe in the 1600's decade Achish. Walnuts lizard has its own characteristics in fur color that forms like a lizard scales. Because that's characteristic scaly feathers, canary named "lizard 'which means lizard. This article will explain the variety of cruciferous lizard canaries, along with video and audio.

In addition to the shape and color of the fur, the other typical signs of a kind of canary lizard is part of his head. At the head appears yellow pigment that makes it easier to spot birds. But there are also who do not have a yellow color in the head.

In some European countries, walnuts lizard has the same reputation with walnuts from london kinds of fancy, in fact they are often considered to have relevance.

At the end of World War II, where walnut lizard almost to extinction. Population lives only a few tail, and owned a small sekelompoj breeders. They then come together and form Lizard Canary Association, or lizard canaries breeders association.

Thanks to the effort that they did, in the end lizard canaries can be saved from extinction. This organization later became a large and very well known in Europe and America.

Around 1950, Bob Yates who was then secretary of the Colour Canary Breeder's Association successfully menangkarkan a lizard canaries with different colors, including white and red brick. However, when the results of the breeding considered yet reached perfection. However, this proved to the world that could be bred canaries lizard with a different color.

In 1970, a farmer manages to combine color pigments in canary lizard scales with pigment mutation known as pigment satin (satinette). The result is a pearl or pearl color.

Baca versi indonesia: suara kenari lizard
Budidaya Kenari
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