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Default Tips Mengatasi Kenari yang Cuma NGRIWIK

if you maintain a male canary sekiatr 7-8 months old of course you really want is already gacor walnuts and diligent sound. Because at that age walnuts are grown and it was time to diligently Twitter or gacor. But if you just ngriwik canary though he was already 7 months upwards? Yes, the problem is a classic problem that is often experienced by lovers of walnuts. Therefore on this occasion we will share tips on how to aspire walnut only ngriwik though he was already an adult.

According to experience, walnuts have age-related stages ability to sing. At the age of about 5 months is walnut usually will train to sing in a way ngriwik or mumble. And at the age of 6-7 months then the walnuts will ngerol though his voice still falters. While at the age of 7 months on walnuts should be diligent chirp, and variations booms based on the contents that we provide. Buddy kicaukan, before we discuss more about how to cope with the only ngriwik walnuts, you may be interested to read some articles about walnuts following:

Ways to Prepare breeders Walnuts Before Breeding / Raising.

Caring Jawara way Walnuts To Contest.

The Most Effective Ways To Successfully Wed Walnuts.

Characteristics Going Walnuts Good Quality.

Quick Ways to Grow Fur Walnuts Ombyokan The Loss.

After reading the above article, let's move back to the topic of overcoming walnut only ngriwik though he was already an adult.

Effective Ways to Overcome Walnuts The Only Ngriwik

Here are some effective ways to overcome canary just ngriwik:

Make sure you are walnut walnut male. And if it is proven it is a male, then you can change the pattern of daily care.

Can you increase the frequency of bathing. For example, which is usually once a day can be increased to 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

Drying can also be added in duration. Morning 1-2 hours (maximum 10 am), and in the afternoon 30 minutes-1 hour.

Give feed on walnuts in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables when dried / aerated. Vegetables and fruits contain nutrients that are good for walnuts, and also can eliminate phlegm in the throat may be walnut. Sputum may make noise walnuts into soft / soft, and sounds like ngriwik.

Walnut feed that you can provide, among others canaru seed grains mixed with black and niger seed. The goal is to stimulate lust walnuts.

Lettuce and boiled eggs can you give 2 times a week.

Ngriwik walnuts can be caused by obesity (overweight) because breathing is interrupted. Then the solution can be in three ways, namely: makananagar portion control is not excessive, walnuts drying for 3 hours, and put a canary in a cage umbaran larger (about 1.5 x 2 meters).

You can try to bring only ngriwik walnut with walnut outspoken / hard so that ngriwik walnut hooked.

Give special supplements walnuts that works to improve lust.

Baca versi indonesia: cara mengatasi kenari ngeriwik
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