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Default Tips Mengatasi Kebotakan pada Burung Kenari

Problem canary bald or loss and not grow hair again, is a common problem faced by the breeder birds, especially walnuts. walnut production females have two-three times generally are often experienced the problem of baldness.

Tips on How to Overcome Baldness In Canary Bird trigger baldness in walnut itself can be caused by many things, for example due to fleas or mites, fungal and bacterial infections of the skin and feathers, they are a natural state of stress or too desire to own fur mencauti da also due to bird iodine deficiency.

Tips to Overcome Baldness In Walnuts

Until now the food is often given to birds such as canaries and finches generally have a shortage of iodine content, when iodine is added to taste to the food patterns, most of last week can be sure plume needle will begin to develop in the body of the bird is natural baldness.

There are ways to add iodine in the diet, namely:

Provide cuttlefish bone grated in food or green vegetables that are given to the bird that the natural state of baldness, Cuttlefish Bone and Bones Oysters are a useful source of iodine for the purposes of birds counted calcium iodine.

Give mineral supplements, if some of the above is still not enough for a new bird feathers grow back, the next step is to provide mineral solution that contains many elements such as calcium, iodine, phosphorus, potassium and all the substances necessary to restore the state bird like the beginning.

If after 3 weeks of applying some of the above as well as the Canaries still could raise the needle feather hair loss takes place not only due to iodine deficiency, and that means there is the issue of hormones in the body of the female bird or issues that are likely to take place because:

Nutritional deficiencies, is the main argument trigger baldness in female birds.

In overfeed when puppies, breeders who were given their meal will lose some feathers in more or less its beak.

Bacterial infection. Infection mites, bacteria, fungus and parasite may result in part of fur falling and in some areas will look flat baldness. to treat it as good birds kept in quarantine cage first and then contrived clean / sprayed with FreshAves as well as the cage that must be used with FeshAves clean contrived to get rid of bacteria or other parasites attached to the cage.

Air sac mites attack. Air sac mites infection (Air Sac Mite) also is a possibility of complications of baldness in birds because the bird is under stress line. when birds are infected mites then only one path of healing is given as soon as possible because it can give a negative impact on health changes as of one of them is not able to speak.

The captive breeding or perhaps will not be performed if the canary natural female baldness, because they are not included in the state Breeding / ready to breed.

In just a few prefix are naturally bald head but if not taken action with his head quickly then all going to be bald.

With preventive measures as well as healing as described above, and after the birds began to grow new feathers, bird tersebutpun females ready to breed.

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