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Default Keunggulan Burung Kenari American Singer

Maybe my friend walnuts mania there who do not know the american singer canary. From the name, this type of language walnuts means singers from American walnut. If the direct view and hear his voice, it was not excessive if the canary is referred to as a "singer" or babbler beautiful. Because it has a chirping canary beautiful and the colors were so dazzling our eyes. This kind walnut growing rapidly in the United States.

American singer canary sekitar14,6 cm size and color is also different, such as yellow, brown, blue, orange, white, green, bronze, fawn, and so forth. Initially, american singer canary developed by a group of women called "The Eight Boston House Wives" in 1930. The purpose of these is the eighth woman wants to develop the hairy canary beautiful and melodious voice.

American Singer Canary is a hybrid between the roller walnut with walnut border melodious voice that has fur and beautiful body. Many bird lovers who assess this type canaries (american singer canary) is the best kind walnut ever developed. Because ASC (american singer canary) has a melodious chirping sound and physically looks very beautiful. American walnut is suitable for beginners, because this strong walnuts and maintenance is very easy.

American singer canary formerly called the North American Canary or walnuts from North America, which is the result of a cross between Germany and Border Canary Roller Canary. Although american singer canary canary was remembered as having physical form and a beautiful coat, but this type is classified as a canary canaries canary song or song. This is because the american singer canary developed with the aim of producing walnuts are good and melodious voice, would not be surprised if the american singer canary has more advantages in the quality of her voice.

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