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Default Ciri-ciri Burung Kenari Border

may have a lot to know about this canary border. But once again that the information we convey not intend to patronize, but only sekadara share information that aims to provide accurate information for my friend who did not know kicaukan. So if there are errors or omissions, please enlightenment.

Border canary is also called the canary fancy border, which means kenaeri of borders or fancy walnut from the border. From the name is quite clearly shows that walnuts have certain advantages worth having. The name is taken from the history of the border canary development, namely on the border between England and Scotland. Border canary / walnut border only has an overall length of about 14 cm. From the size of the border canary including walnuts small compared with other types. Unlike american singer canary and belgian fancy canary that is longer.

Border Canar / Border fancy canary / walnut border has some other characteristic than others. Border canary is superior in stature than sound / song. So border canary into the walnut varieties posture / posture canary. Historically, this canary border dubbed as "Wee Gem" because it is small, compact, and powerful. Border border canary or walnuts are often found in yellow, but there are also white, buff, green, and cinnamon.

Have you ever seen the movie series Tweety? The little yellow bird who is always being chased by a cat. Yes, Border canary ever created a character in the movie "Tweety" smallish, agile, beautiful, yellow and often sing. Border canary does have a small body, but very beautiful. There is an assumption that the border is very similar to the canary canary gloster, and what distinguishes them is the shape of his head.

Border canary / walnut border actually has a good voice, and easy to be trained / dimaster. Not infrequently walnut border is often included in some contests / competitions. Character chirp / song is "choppy" and usually walnut border often developed to see physical beauty and also the booms are also tunable. Treatment was fairly easy and not too busy / complicated.

Here are some karakrter of walnut border / border canary that you must know:

Tend to be quiet and shy.

Should not be placed together parakeet, lovebird, and hookbills. Because all three of these birds are very aggressive and can make walnut border down / stress.

Can be bred together with other types of canaries, finches, and other hardbills.

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