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Default Download Suara Kenari Rusia

Russian Canary or walnut Russia is one of the types of canaries that have beautiful and unique sound. Russian walnut first brought in the 18th century from Tyrol, Germany. At the beginning of this bird is a wild bird as grain-eating birds such as Siskin, Buntings, Tits, Warblers, and Goldfinches.

Then in the 19th century, the Russian canary breeders began to develop. Even the people in some areas to make it as income breeding birds. In an effort to improve the quality of Russian canary chirp so melodious and soft-spoken, breeders choose the sounds of birds master. Not most breeders memaster canaries with wild birds such as, Ovsyanok, Tits, Oatmeal, Yul, Sandpiper, and many other birds. But for the nightingale bird is not used because it is too sharp and loud booms.

Even breeders canary bird memaster russia with special musical instruments, such as flutes, organ, whistle, and others. At the end of the Canary or walnut russia russian able to sing with a beautiful and well-known throughout the world. Intrigued by this kind of a canary? please see the video below, or if you want to download you can see Voice article Walnuts To Master.

Baca versi indonesia: suara kenari rusia
Budidaya Kenari
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