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Default Burung Kenari Norwich Inggris

certainly often heard about this norwich canary. Norwich canary types is one type of walnut that is on the rise at this time because it has a unique shape and sound. Norwich canary canaries are developed in Norwich, one of the cities in the UK.

Norwich canary is a bird that has a body length of 15-16 cm from tip of beak to tip of tail. Norwich canary was first domesticated by the weavers nation flam / Flemish who fled to England to escape from the slaughter Spain. After settle down to norwich, then walnuts are then developed there. Norwich canary, also known as John Bull, and entered in a variety of postures due to further highlight the physical appearance rather than color or song / sound.

Walnuts Norwich, The Round Of England

Physically, norwich canary has some similarities with gloster walnut / walnut crested, but also there are some striking differences. Here are some characteristics of Walnuts Norwich, The Round Of English:

Has a round-shaped body.

Has a broad chest

Have short backs and wide

Have short wings

Has a short tail

Has a short half-life.

Colors are often found is yellow or green, and very rarely white.

Norwich Canary birds are having thick hair and round shapes Bandan. Another characteristic of this Canary Bird is having chest that field, short backs wingspan and a short tail. Norwich Canary Birds in length between 15 -16 cm. In this type generally attractive green color and rarely white. Canary bird, has a very thick eyebrows and almost covering his eyes 2/3. According to some sources, Norwich Canary Birds have two types of fur head shape, namely the crest and not crested. Norwich Canary Birds generally have thick hair, slightly distended and tender.

Birds Birds Walnuts Walnuts Norwich is a fairly difficult farmed. This character is not good birds to lay eggs - eggs and overfeed her. Most breeders overseas use babu system to incubate the eggs Walnuts Norwich. Norwich Canary Bird estrus period is difficult to determine, in the European countries season Norwich Canary Bird estrus period around the month of December to April, but also not menentu.Di Indonesia Norwich Canaries have already enjoyed by connoisseurs Walnuts homeland. The farmers began crossing Norwich Canary Bird Bird Local Walnuts.

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