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Default Burung Kenari Lancashire

Do you know what kind of walnut is the largest? Maybe the right answer is walnut walnut lancashire because it has a length of 20 cm more. Lancashire walnut formerly known as Manchester or Manchester Fancy coppy because there are many breeders canary lancashire in the city.

Walnut lancashire luxury giant, is a term that is suitable for this walnuts. Besides having a great body and a long, very beautiful walnut lancashire also makes bird lovers fascinated to see. So no wonder that walnuts walnuts lancashire often crossed with other types to produce tillers / certain breeds. There are two kinds of walnuts lancashire, namely lancashire coppy (tuft) and lancashire plainhead (without crest).


Lancashire canary breeding or breeding has produced many kinds of walnut which is also a big man. For example, a cross between a walnut with walnut lancashire yorkshire. Canary lancashire has some characteristics that are different from other types of walnut, for example, the body is always upright and manly.

For those of you who want to know more clearly about the walnut lancashire, here are some distinctive features and characteristics:

Has a large head and long.

Has a thick neck.

Have soft fur.

Having shoulders upright.

Has a broad back.

Have long wings.

Has a long tail.

Usually yellow.

Lancashire is kind of canary canary bred in the UK, although some say was developed in the Netherlands. Nowadays, it is very difficult to see the original walnut lancashire since most already crossed se to be fiisik been no difference. Do pal kicaukan interested luxurious giant walnut?

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