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Expansion of Tanjung Priok Port, Cilamaya Karawang West Java

Project Basic Idea


The harbors servicing sea marine traffic in northen West Java are only Tanjung Priok and Cirebon harbor. The Tanjung Priok harbor is currently overload and Cirebon harbor is located near the city area which bounded to be expanded.


The increased sea marine traffic in northen West Java should be serviced by an adequate harbor that can service international sea marine traffic.


To increase efficiency in transporting industrial goods to international sea marine transport than can reduced transport cost from industries in northen West Java area to increase the comparative advantage to be export abroad.

Contracting Agency

Minister of Transportation

Person in Charge : Mr. Hanggoro Budi Wiryawan
Position : Head of Transportation Service and Parternship Analysis Center
Address : Cipta Building 6th Floor Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.8 Jakarta 10110 INDONESIA
Phone : +62 21 3852671
Fax : +62 21 3517608

Governor of West Java

Person in Charge : Ir. H. Dicky Saromi MSc.
Position : Head of Transportation Agency, West Java Province
Address : Jl. Sukabumi No.1 Bandung West Java INDONESIA
Phone : +62 22 727 22 58
Fax : +62 22 720 21 63
Website :

Project Location

Karawang Regency, West Java Province.

Project Specification

Harbor area are about 250 ha with elevation of 4 meter above sea level :
1. Reclamation area about 140 ha.
2. Ciparage coastal area about 110 ha.
Harbor pond depth : 13 m.
Harbor pond length : 1.25 km.
Harbor pond pier : 2.5 km.
Total pier length : 3.4 km.

Estimated Project Cost

US$ 1,032.36 million.
Land Acqusition : US$ 2.36 million.

Expected Time of Implementation

Project Preparation : 2012
Tender : 2013
Contract Signing : 2014
Construction : 2015 - 2018
Operation : 2019
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