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Default Burung Kenari Berner, sang Kenari dengan Postur Gagah

One type of walnut that can be said is walnut Berner special. Berner walnuts can also be called a canary Bernois (Bernois canary). Walnuts are one of the types of walnuts that have blood Walnuts Yorkshire (YS). It is said that parent / ancestor of Berner is Yorkshire. Berner canary is still rare in Indonesia, because the distribution is still very limited. Berner walnuts developed in Europe, precisely in Switzerland since 1880. What's special about this Berner walnut? When viewed from the pedigree / breed, of walnuts Berner has a manly posture as posture canary Yorkshire.

Walnuts Berner become an idol for some walnuts mania because it has some advantages and characteristics not possessed walnut other types. Berner walnut sebernarnya been bred in Indonesia, both for economic purposes or for personal collection. Yet somehow this time berder canary birds are hard to find on the market in Indonesia. In posture clearly superior walnut Berner local walnuts, walnut body length berder for approximately 16 to 17.5 cm. Well for those of you who want to know more details about the walnut Berner, here we provide profile information walnuts Berner and kesitimewaanya.

Berner walnut Loud Sound Posture Dashing

There are several characteristics or privilege walnuts Berner, including the following:

Has a long posture and strapping / dashing like YS. Berner walnut body length of about 16 to 17.5 cm.

Thinking about chest edema.

Long backs.

Shoulders muscular / stand.

Has a long wing feathers.

Has a long tail feathers.

Yellow color variants, bon, isabel, red lipocromo.

Canary chirping sound shrill and loud.

Having chirp / song length.

Have a good mental making it suitable for race walnuts.

Well in addition to the advantages and characteristics of Berner walnuts on top, of course we will also show some weaknesses / shortcomings of this Berner walnut. One of the shortcomings of walnut Berner is the females. Because Berner is not good at treating female child is so difficult bred. Currently breeders prefer walnuts Berner puppies overfeed themselves rather than be admitted to the parent.

How about you? Are you interested in having and menangkar walnut Berner? Berner similar to walnut walnut Yorkshire who has a lot of fans / enthusiasts. Hopefully with walnuts ditangkarnya Berner will increase the population and sustainability walnuts. Prices of walnut Berner also somewhat expensive because it is luxurious and pretty rare bird.

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