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Default Cara Menjemur Kenari yang Baik dan Benar

Yes, because the birds hanging Wahib is a thing you do in keeping the birds chirping. And do you know it turns out sunning birds have many benefits for the bird itself? Drying of birds chirping in the sun is beneficial to health as long as the bird in the manner and good technique and correct.

Indeed there are many benefits that we can get from the activity of birds chirping drying. Like humans, birds also need to ultraviolet (UV) to maintain the condition of the bird's body to stay healthy and fit. Before we go any further on how to hang the birds chirping good and true, it would be nice if we peek out what are the benefits of drying birds chirping. Following drying manfaar chirping birds:

Can warm the bird's body becomes more stable, especially in the winter / rainy season.

Can reduce the risk of disease of birds, because the sun is able to kill bacteria and fungi that may be contained in the body of a bird or a cage.

Can convert / change pro-vitamin D in the body into vitamin D. birds We know that vitamin D is good for bone health.

Helps reduce body weight of birds with no restriction requirement feed intake / carb.

That's some of the benefits of the activity of sunbathing / drying in birds which are very important for the health of your pet bird chirping. Well, now we will discuss about how to hang the birds chirping good and true. The purpose of this article is to share information about proper drying techniques, so as not mistaken that justur will make birds sick / dead.

HOW GOOD chirping drying BIRD AND TRUE

Immediately kicaukan buddy, here are some ways of drying birds chirping good and true:

1. Mechanical drying

When drying your bird chirping, you should not mengerodong cage, especially for those of you who live in hot climates regions. Because of what? Because if you hang with mengerodong bird cage, the bird will overheat and may cause panting and even death due to lack of oxygen and stale air.

2. When drying

For the birds chirping drying time, you should choose a time in the morning before dawn to pick up. Why? Because in the morning air is still fresh and not too much contaminated dust and pollution. At the moment before the dawn comes, there is a lot of moisture is good for the health of the birds, the birds for freshness. But for those of you who still bother at this time, can be tolerated as long as no more than 9-10 hours in the morning because it was sunlight / UV already quite hot so it's not so great for sunning birds chirping. Sunlight is too hot it will damage the feathers of birds and of course reduce the appearance. But if you have a specific purpose, such as the preparation of the race, to deal with the bird, then the above drying time at 9 am is not why.

HOW GOOD chirping drying BIRD AND TRUE

3. Drying before and after his bath

This often makes us confused, when the time drying the bird? Whether before or after bathed bathed? The answer is all the don'ts, with the following note:

If you bathe bird after 8am, then make sure you blow-dry the birds chirping you earlier. Could be on the terrace or in the shade of your home page. Because at the time of aerated birds in the morning, then the tendency is to organize bird feathers messy / puzzler. So when bathed plumage already arranged neatly, so as not to damage the feathers of birds (eg curly).

Do not direct the birds to bathe when the weather has been hot (above at 9 am) and direct drying. Because if you live birds bathe without aerated first, then after bathing bird feathers will dry quickly when the birds have not been cleaned by itself. This can lead to damaged feathers / curly.

If the bird has been issued since the dawn (before dawn) then you can give him a bath at 6 or 7 am and direct drying. Because at that hour the sun is not too hot so the fur is not easy to dry, and the birds had already been set up feathers.

If you are busy and only have time to bathe the bird after being dried, then before bathed with bird cages or spray sure the aerated first to make his temperature stabilized. So the conclusion is drying in the morning should be done before and after buung bathed.

As the afternoon birds should bathe after 4pm, then aerated, and then dried in the sun when the sun is not too hot.

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