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Default Cara Merawat Burung Kenari untuk Kontes

How to Take Care of Walnuts order Winners - Good morning my friend walnut lovers, from the many people who read this blog could certainly ensured that most of the birds are chirping canary hobbyists. We believe, that the canary is a bird species most in demand and popular today, to see so many of the walnut mania are always enthusiastic and various race events held in each region. And when seen from the last 2tahun, it became one of the birds canary belle increasingly favored by the chirping of mania.

Many are like walnuts apart from his intelligence in singing and physical beauty, it also affects the price of walnuts. From the last few years, the price of walnuts is fairly expensive, but remained stable, despite the rise or fall of not too drastic. But it also returned to any kind of walnut which certainly different price, for walnuts walnuts Check the latest price here in January 2014. Well, the price of walnuts will slagi trend then the price can also be very expensive. Especially for walnuts race champion, then the price can be multiplied and of course very expensive when compared to regular walnuts.

Considering the price canary race champion price is very expensive, so of course this is what makes the walnut mania excited to make a pet canary canary champion. So do not be surprised if in every race event walnuts, walnut growing number of participants who participated. Therefore, for those who want to make penghbi canaries canary canary as a champion, so here we share some tips and how to care for walnuts in order to champion race.

Walnuts are good for the race course must be selected from the descendants good quality walnut. Walnuts are good and the quality of treatment is also nice and precisely every day. For my friend who are confused in choosing the right walnuts, you can read about tips on choosing a good walnut for the race. Treatment ordinary walnut with walnut race course is also different from ordinary walnut and walnut race to need special care as well as additional training in the form of mastering walnuts. With the special care for the race, it is expected that walnuts can perform excellent. Who need pal underline is one of the keys to success is the owner of walnut already familiar with the selected character walnut and will be contested.

There are some tips that you can do before the race walnuts, which are as follows:

In the H-6 before the race, which will be contested walnuts should be quarantined and kept away from other walnut voice or other bird species, with the aim that the walnut feel calm and comfortable, in particular to be more focused.

In the H-3 before the race, the better given Kroto and apples alternately.

In the H-2 before the race, drying walnuts just 30 minutes, if you can not get more than 30 minutes.

At the time of one hour before the race, as much as possible given quail eggs 1 to 2 seeds.

While the tips that can be done after the race walnuts, you should do some of the tips below.

H + 1 after the race, give a multivitamin that is mixed into the drink

Perform activities drying walnuts just 30 minutes to D + 3

H + 4 and so on can be done daily treatment as usual

Similarly, some tips and how to care for walnuts that race winners can we discuss in this post. Hopefully my friend walnuts mania that intend to follow the race walnuts, may notice a few tips above. And hopefully my friend was able to make walnut walnuts mania beloved as walnut champion.

versi indonesia: cara merawat kenari agar juara lomba
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