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Default Burung Kenari Stafford dari Benua Eropa

You may have several times heard about walnuts stafford (stafford canary). Yes, canary types stafford is fairly popular in continental Europe. Walnuts stafford is a hybrid between walnuts and walnut red gloster factor, developed by a group called the Deutsche Koife in the 1970s.

Stafford walnut divided into several kinds that are distinguished because of differences in physical form (feathers). There walnut stafford tuft (crested) and there are also walnut stafford without crested (non-crested). The variety of color patterns also vary, such as plain, bon, and frost (tinge) .Popularitas walnut stafford increasingly uphill along with many enthusiasts, which in the 1990s. Many enthusiasts stafford walnut spread in various countries around the world, including Indonesia.

Simply put, there are some characteristics of walnut stafford that you should know. Here are some important points / characteristic of walnut stafford:

1. At the head

Walnuts stafford have differences, ie between the crest and that is not crested. Stafford walnut tuft there is any difference. That crest that matches the color of body hair, or crest has two colors such grizzled (like gray), dark colored crest feathers while her bright colors, and much more.

2. Color fur

Stafford canary feather color also there are several kinds, such as a plain color without melanin, no trump, or variegated (combination). Walnuts stafford has shades of color assortment and unique, so it makes in varieties of colors (color bred variety).

For those of you who want to maintain this stafford walnut is not too difficult, because walnuts stafford has a cheerful nature and have good endurance so as not to get sick. When compared with other types of walnut, walnut stafford is more interesting in terms of the color of their feathers. So no wonder if the canary stafford often contested for pitted beauty fur color and also the crown. Are you interested in walnut stafford? Certainly not it?

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