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Default Penyebab Utama Telur Kenari Gagal Menetas

For some people who are starting a business or hobby breeding canaries of course often feel uneasy if you have faced the difficult problem of production. Some things you need to understand is there is no instant way to make the canaries that we care can reproduce or produce.

Sourceditangkarkan capable of producing up to age 5 years or above. Back to the title, why eggs fail to hatch canary? Here are some general discussion related to offspring survival and reproduction walnut:

The mating process: to know one of the causes of the failure of eggs to hatch canary is from mating process. Naturally female canaries can remove the eggs even though there is no process of mating or fertilization of the male parent, so if you want to get the seeds out of the egg is needed mating process.

Hormones: when the mating process occurs well but failed canary eggs hatch after incubation period of 14 days or eggs appear to be empty after incubation in check at the age of more than 5 days then one possibility is less mature / unprepared indukannya hormone. If for some penghobiis only refers to male factors are contributing to the fertilized ovum in the female body then turns female factors also play a role in producing offspring. In this case keep in mind that the conditions of estrus in canaries can not be equated or become a benchmark that these birds also have good hormones and fertile.

Temperature: often found that the seed / piyik walnut that has been formed in the eggs can not hatch after 14 days incubation period. One reason is because the temperature is too hot and too cold. If the eggs are being incubated by indukannya gets direct sunlight intensity in a long time, then usually the eggs will become dehydrated condition. And vice versa if the temperature is too cold and eggs lack the warmth of a good seed formation process usually will not take place properly.

Psychology: stress conditions on egg hatching broodstock also helped trigger the success of the eggs hatch. When breeders stress then he will have a tendency to leave the nest incubation (not incubate) and can behave unnatural, such hyperactive behavior due to over heat, there are fleas in the nest hatch or livestock conditions unfavorable.

Disease: it is proper that the canaries that were infected with the disease will experience a decrease in stamina and appetite. Additionally canary diseased brood while in some cases be lazy incubating the eggs, although in some cases breeders affected by the disease if not handled properly can die with the condition of incubating eggs. The other thing is if the disease attacks the canary breeders before the mating process will usually associated with the hatchability of eggs that can not be maximized, as well as if the disease perched on a canary breeders after mating process.

Conditions / stamina: bird conditions that are too tired from too terforsir to marry or contest may actually cause new problems, some things considered the occurrence of egg binding can be triggered due to the condition of the mother is too tired to remove the eggs from her womb. While the male breeders stamina is drained and does not fit also affect sperm quality.

Still related to the hatchability of eggs that there are the most basic things that can not be left out of the issue NUTRITION. The need for vitamins, minerals and substances needed by the canary through the diet, supplements, drying and hygiene must be met well before the productive period arrives. It is also well organized and can not have the effect of sudden / instant but takes the process to handle it. It also explains the phenomenon of breeders who do not want ngisi where often between nutritional and hormonal maturity there is no continuity even met some of the birds that forced marriage before actually in peak condition.

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