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Default Poin-poin Penting dalam Beternak Kenari yang Perlu Anda Ketahui

Walnuts are one of the birds chirping birds which includes a wide range of species and types. Walnuts are one of the many birds chirping that demand very much. In addition to easy maintenance and economical, walnuts are also able to produce many offspring jik we tangkar. One more advantage of a walnut, which is a melodious voice and long booms. Powered by the beauty of feathers and stout stature. But how to take care of walnuts in the rainy season in order to stay healthy and gacor? On this occasion we will share tips on caring for walnuts in the rainy season in order to keep warm walnut body temperature and not easily hurt. In previous occasions we also share tips on bird care during the rainy season.

Caring walnuts during the rainy season really is not that different from the daily care of walnuts in the dry season. There are only a few breakthroughs and alternatives to maintain a body temperature of walnuts to keep warm despite the cold weather. Why walnut body temperature should be kept warm? Because if sush walnut body affected by the weather, it is likely to be easily hurt walnuts. Eg diarrhea, moldy or bubul feet, and could endanger his life. For that we have to be very clever to deal with canary care especially in the rainy season. Walnuts are very like sun to prevent fat accumulate (gajeh). Now in the rainy season as the moment let us consider canary care tips to stay healthy and warm.

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