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Default Cara Mengatasi Burung Kenari yang Sakit Pernapasan

The canary is including sensitive animals. Therefore, it takes diligence and patience in maintaining it. Moreover if the canary used as livestock. Then to maintain it requires extra power.

Many things can cause illness for walnuts. The influence of the environment, the weather turn, feed menu walnuts, unsanitary cage conditions are some of the factors. One disease that often occurs in walnuts is respiratory distress. Therefore we need action on how to cope with respiratory disorders walnuts.

From various sources I've read, here are some things that I can conclude as a matter of learning and experience for ranchers walnuts.

Respiratory Walnuts

The disease often affects respiratory disorders canaries, canary both males and females. The cause of respiratory disease is the presence of a secondary infection of the respiratory tract by E. coli and mycoplasma-like virus gallisepticcum more famous with the name of the CRD (Chronic Respiratory Desease).

If it is a chronic respiratory disease is very hard to cure and usually over time canaries infected with the disease will die. Respiratory disease is contagious. Transmission of the disease can occur through direct contact between infected walnut walnuts. healthy. For example, infected broodstock and feed their children, then the children will be fed birds infected by the disease. Respiratory disease transmission can also occur through descent. Walnut saplings derived and breeders who are already affected by the disease will inherit the disease which is owned by the parent. Respiratory disease transmission can also occur through food, drinks, environment less clean cages, and food or drink contaminated with infected bird droppings.

Symptoms of Respiratory Disease Walnuts

Respiratory disease that was seen was a bird frequent sneezing, at night the snoring breathing cold weather, humid or wet slimy nose, and decreased activity or movement of birds. If you are experiencing right walnut like this, then the preventive and curative measures to tackle respiratory disease that must be addressed:

Canaries infected with respiratory diseases to be isolated in separate cages and treated so as not to infect canaries others.

Cage, eating, and drinking places are always controlled and all the impurities contained in the cage or in containers of food / drinks were always cleaned.

Food will be provided washed and dried to remove the possibility of agricultural pesticide residues that endanger the health of birds.

Drinks dirty water immediately replaced with clean, fresh, healthy, and do not contain toxic materials that endanger the health of the birds. Water to drink boiled prior to the boil to kill all types of germs contained therein.

In addition to the above treatment method, you also need to be able to overcome drug respiratory disease in walnut. Drugs that I have ever given in my walnut and is proven to cure them:

Shortness 1: To treat respiratory problems such as colds, cekreh cekreh, cough, asthma, volume shrink / disappear, hoarseness and a short song became shorter.

Breath 2: To treat stubborn chronic respiratory diseases, asthma, cough, runny nose cekreh followed discharge from the nose even to swelling in the legs.

From the above description, it can be concluded that in order to maintain the health of walnut is very important. Not only of factors (external) environment, but from (internal) treatment canary itself also required special measures. Mechanical drying and nutritious feeding should also be done at continuously. Do not forget also to provide vitamin supplements in the form of products for you to increase stamina walnuts health, so that later you will be healthy walnuts and avoid respiratory disease.

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