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Sukabumi Regency Water Supply, West Java

Project Basic Idea


The service coverage of PDAM Sukabumi is about 16.44% and the waiting list for the demand of water supply are yet to be met not mention the industrial water supply demand. To meet these rising demand, the PPP scheme can be used utilized the Cileuleuy spring water and Cipadaranken.


The demand for domestic water supply are rising up to 150 lps and to service the non dmestic and industry demand of water supply.


To meet the demand of 386 lps in the year 2030 for the population in Cicurug, Cidahu and Parungkuda.

Contracting Agency

Regent of Sukabumi

Person in Charge : Mr. Ade Pemangku Rahmat
Position : Head of PDAM Sukabumi Regency
Address : Jl. Cirendeu No.5 Cibadak Sukabumi 43155 West Java INDONESIA
Phone : +62 266 532408
Fax : +62 266 535344

Project Location

Cicurug, Cidahu & Parungkuda Sukabumi Regency, West Java

Project Specification

The development of Water Treatment Plant in Sukabumi consist of :
- Raw Water Intake : the intake development of Bronkaptering.
- Water Treatment Plant for :
Stage 1 195 lps.
Stage 2 150 lps.

Estimated Project Cost

US$ 15.06 million.
Stage 1 US$ 105.20 million.
Stage 2 US$ 45.40 million.

Expected Time of Implementation

Project Preparation : 2011
Tender : 2012
Contract Signing : 2012
Construction : 2013
Operation : 2014
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