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Default Penyebab Kenari Suka Angkrem di Sarang

sy had the same case niy, female canary nest anggrem sy've kept around 10harian but disarangnya no egg, jd he anggrem hive but telornya ad ga ..

Difficult question to answer I also had the experience several times, but at that time I was not much to do anything just patiently wait it out, even if it has been a long time I have not bertelor also try hard bertelor conditioned females few days later moved corral. Alhamdulillah, thanks to the treatment that I did some successful sires bred back. But if by habit without science science finally just feel around hehe .... Lucky we had experts perburungan so I try BBMan with Uphay om, Thank God though he was busy but still managed to give enlightenment. Here I show the enlightenment of om Uphay

The question kept silent because they want bertelor nest or married, but not bertelor-egg?

Female or young?

Or old female?

Because females nest cuman silent for two things, sleep or want nelor

What a nice round nest when silent hive? or simply silent on the nest and without any activity makes a nest?

The worst thing is the female diforsir several times nelor then reconditioned not so healthy, eventually hormones and metabolism is disturbed. That's what usually causes ngawin, ngeram but do not lay eggs. And the other is usually the cause digestive problems. If it were up to no belly black veins, has been difficult to fix.

So in conclusion: there are some things that cause females:

Young females learn ngeram

Females rejected.

Hybrid females (blaken etc.)

Acute digestive unfinished.

Point 1,2 and 4 are usually left to moult and reconditioned with optimal treatment, if bad stools, treatment plan .... Usually finished moult can only be used in production.

Point 3, due to genetic factors so until now could not be cured.

Last but not least watch your intake of minerals, due to digestive health is supporting the success of the breeding canaries ......

Link: kenari senang tidur di sarang
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