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Default Download MP3 Suara Kenari American Singer

American singer canary or american singer canary is one type of walnut specially developed within the limits of the territory of the United States. The very existence of walnut special attention by the breeders in the country and specifically maintained as canaries that have beautiful chirp. At the first time the american singer canary this kind of domesticated by a group of women from boston massachussets in 1930, which then after that kind of canary become so popular and famous of all existing types of walnut and maintained in the United States.

Walnuts which is a hybrid of walnuts and walnut types Border german Roller type has its own character in the song which is an excess of descent between walnuts and walnut border this roller. rhythm are more similar to the border but the song is very strong character when compared with walnut types Roller.

In the development of the american singer canary is very popular in his country so well just be maintained or contested because of the booms are not only the character but also more melodic and full of variety compared to other types of walnut. that is why many farmers there intersect this kind walnut with walnut other types to get canary seed.

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