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Default Cara Ampuh Melatih Mental Kenari agar Bagus

You have canaries gacor but mentally less good? This could be a problem for you, especially if you set the walnuts for the race. Yes, birds mental influence on performance in the field. Likewise with walnuts which are required to have a good mental while in the field. Walnuts are good very close to the more expensive price. Read: Price Latest walnut walnut gacor 2015. It has yet silent at the approach is still better than the silence and fear walnut / giras. And if you still do not have a walnut mental nice, there are several ways you can do to fix it. Because on this occasion we will share tips on how to mentally train walnuts so nice. Consider the following full info.


Mental exercises so nice walnut. Canary care not only feeding and bathing drying. But we also need to train mentally walnuts so nice and do not fear when approached by people. In the race, walnuts will be assessed in a way approached by a jury. And imagine if you gacor walnuts and ngeplong but silent when approached by the jury. Of bad judgment will come to your walnuts and walnut possibility you become champion small. Mental exercises walnuts can do in ways that are simple but routine. And also takes patience to train. Because mental training walnuts fast as we can not make instant noodles. Hehehe. Because basically mentally walnuts can be good because it used to. Let us just consider the tips below full.

How To Train For Good Mental Walnuts

There are several ways a very simple and easy things you can do to train your mental canary in order to be a better / stronger. Including the following:

1. Bushel canary in different locations

This way you can do at any time, especially in the mornings and afternoons. Gantangan move in the home environment is quite good for the mental development of your canary. By moving the location of the walnut gantangan will get used to the new environment. Walnuts are also quicker to adapt. It can make walnuts not giras / down when you take him to the arena / latber. For example, a bushel of walnuts in front of the house in the morning. Later during the day to move the location to the side of the house. Then in the afternoon pindahkah again to the back of the house. In essence you can flipping gantangan location so good mentality walnuts.

2. Invite walnut streets

The second way you can do, especially those of you who like to watch the race walnuts or latber. If you have time to watch, you can bring your canary. Not to participate in the race, but only introduced in the outside world. Because in the arena of competition there must be many birds are chirping. So you will be familiar with walnuts boisterous atmosphere and crowded. Mental walnuts will get better.

3. Put the walnuts gacor

This method is especially for you who have going walnut / walnut young. Young walnuts have character mimics what is seen and heard. You can put your young walnuts on gacor and walnuts that have been established. This method can make better mentally young walnuts and will mimic the style and chirping canary master. Paste alone every day for maximum results.

Those are some simple ways you can do to make that good mental walnuts. One more thing you should consider is to maintain the health of your canary to stay healthy and fit. Conditions walnut mentally fit very influential on walnuts. Keep your birds sufficient feed and vitamins regularly. Healthy walnuts, walnut gacor.

Link: cara melatih mental kenari
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