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Default Tips Merawat Kenari Sakit Flu

The rainy season is coming soon, even in some areas that it rained every day. The arrival of the rainy season is a blessing for everyone, because water is the source of life. Not so buddy kicaukan? But there are some things to look out for when the rains come, when the transition (the change from dry season to rainy season). Because when the transition occurs extreme weather changes and if the body is not fit then the virus will go into the body and become disease.

In addition we have to maintain the health, of course we also have to pay attention to the health and condition of our favorite birds. As with humans, changes in the weather and the season will also affect our pet birds. If not in a fit condition then our pet birds will experience marked a cold sore at the initial stage. If the cold hit and not promptly treated our beloved birds will die. Of course you do not want this to happen. For that we need extra care in birds in the rainy season in order to stay healthy and survive.

Symptoms of Bird Flu / Flu

Colds in birds characterized by multiple symptoms, such as the following:

Breath birds noncurrent (usually accompanied by sound)

Birds frequent sneezing and coughing.

In nostril discharge.

Eyes look glazed (not literate) and runny.

Birds seen lemash, lethargic, and cold (nyekukruk).

Decreased appetite.

When it rains birds evolved feathers (megrok).

Well, if my friend has kicaukan bird with the above conditions then you should immediately take action in ways that are simple, such as:

Distanced sick birds from other birds that do not transmit the virus to other birds.

Put the bird in the room which is not exposed to the wind (closed room).

Cage should dikerodong.

You can install a light bulb (5 watts) as warmers.

Feeding and drinking as usual.

Give multivitamins in birds, such as BirdVit. The goal is to increase the body's immune your pet bird.

Do not be washed and dried before the condition was recovered.

Never heard the sound of another bird or pemasteran first, until the bird is completely healthy.

For fluid / mucus from the nose within 4-7 days will disappear by itself with the terms, conditions, birds have gradually improved.

Signs recovered birds can be seen from some of the following signs:

Birds are already active.

Eyes is back literate (not glazed and brake).

Not develop a feather when it rains. That suggests the bird is no longer cold.

Link: cara mengatasi kenari sakit flu
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