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Default Cara Mengobati Burung Kenari Nyilet

Canaries are skinny often called busty nyilet. So thin, so that the chest bones stand out. Body weight was gradually decreased, so there is almost no fat under the skin, which serves to reduce the effect of cold on the body. No wonder that the health condition of the bird chested nyilet very frail. If not treated immediately it will interfere with the function of physiology, metabolism, reproductive system, also negates the potential of his voice.

Generally, canaries whose body was thin or nyilet breasted caused errors in care, especially the lack of nutrients and vitamins. It could also be because the worms that enter the body of the bird, then multiply in the digestive tract and sucking most of even whole food juices that should be distributed to all body tissues.

Another possibility is a bacterial infection in the body of the bird, which destroy or inhibit the function of some of the digestive organs, so that food can not be digested properly. Consequently, what is eaten by birds will come out through the dirt and do not have time or little is processed into food juices.

Walnuts are rarely move could also suffer emaciation, so the muscles to contract or can not expand normally. It is often experienced breeder that cage is too narrow.

If you have a walnut with problems as above, then how to fix it can be seen from a contributing factor, and you alone are the most informed.

Link: cara mengatasi kenari kurus
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